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New beginnings

Some have them more often than others, but we all experience them. Start a new job, make new friends, new place to live, new love, new type of cereal in the morning, you name it, plenty of choices for something new. So I thought it might be a good idea to dedicate this first blogpost to the decision that turned out to be the best new beginning in my life. 

Three and a half years ago I made the most terrifying (more terrifying than changing from Coco Pops to porridge) and at the same time the most exciting decision of my life. This was me: freshly graduated from the academy of arts, bachelor of Design in my pocket, not ready to get lost in the manics and panics of building a career. The beauty of being a photographer is that you can do your job anywhere on this beautiful planet, right? So why not use that excuse in order to follow the dream that I’ve had since being a kid; travelling to Australia!

Put your life into boxes, pack the camera bag, and off you go. On my own, into the big open world. I never thought of being scared, because what’s better than flying to a (most of the time) sunny country, with animals you’ve never seen or heard of before, with your camera around your neck ready to photograph all the amazing food you’ve been hearing about? Venturing out and meeting new people every day, and not knowing what the next day has got in store for you. Stepping out of your comfort zone for months and months in a row puts all your senses into survival mode and makes you experience the world in full HD. Like being on a natural high.   

Travelling and emerging yourself in a different culture changes the way you experience and appreciate your daily life, even after returning home. Let’s be honest, there will be difficult times when ‘en route’ ; times where you’re alone, where you have no job and live off 1-min noodles, and when there is big stuff happening at home and you feel like you’re missing out on all the important things in life. Except the most important thing in life is you.

And this you, is the only thing that will always be around. It gets tested and shaped during your time away from home. I found this intense time away from everything I knew has made me discover my passions, love for myself, my flaws and imperfections, and taught me how to embrace those all together. It made me stronger and more open minded, and without all these experiences I wouldn’t have been able to do what I do right now. And, as everything happens for a reason, this escape also threw the love of my life right in my lap. But that's a story I should dedicate full post to!

Now, living in London, I try to implement the sensations of travelling life just as much as when I was on the road; be open to everything, be kind, never get too comfortable. Eat all the food. Behave like a tourist in your own city. I don’t mean go running to Madame Tussauds and going shopping on Oxford street. I mean allowing yourself to be surprised by the beauty of the place you live in. Don’t take it for granted, the grass always looks greener everywhere else (the grass in Australia is yellow most times of the year, I found).

On this blog I'll keep you updated on my adventures, the projects I'm working on, and tell some stories about previous expeditions.  So join me on my journey filled with everything food, photo and travel! 

Proceed with care: Some images might cause severe wanderlust. 

V x 

Driving on the road to destination unknown - Great Ocean Road

Driving on the road to destination unknown - Great Ocean Road